Why IP Management with Patscore?

Patscore offers ad hoc information to identify, to select, to set and to monitor Intellectual Property goals:

  • embedded into the objectives of the corporation,
  • concerted with the IP strategy,
  • itemized for each involved specialist party,
  • for all tasks relevant in IP Management. 

Patscore easily integrates into your existing software structure and is built for lowest effort in implementation and data maintenance.

1 Dashboard
2 Product protection grade
3 PatentFamilyValues
4 attractiveness for protection
5 PatentFamilyPossibleToAband
6 protection targets within product
7 SinglePatent
8 TechnologicalFitProduct


Patscore delivers indicator dashboards with an early-warning system. Differentiated by user groups, organization level and fields of activity.

Different View Angles

Depending to the specialist field there are different views on product protection neccessary - from patent side, from technology side or from the product side. Patscore delivers those different view angles - leaving the familiar world of thoughts is not necessary no more - here from the product view angle: The grade of protection of all products belonging to a certain business unit.

Key Performance Indicator System

Patscore provides you with a value-oriented, self-consistent and hierarchically key performance indicator system, usable by different angles of view - here from the patent view angle: The values of all patent families owned by a certain business unit.

Suggestion System

Patscore delivers suggestions and all information necessary for your decision making process - here technologies: Economically interesting for enhanced protection.

Presentation in Tables or in Graphs

No matter if you think better in pictures or in tables, Patscore delivers you both ways of presentation.

Drilldowns up to Realization

Patscore applies the information for realization - here for: The improvement of the protection of a specific product.

Detailed Information at a Glance

Patscore delivers all important information at a glance - here: The detailed view on a single patent.

Detailed Information about all Correlations

Patscore shows you all relevant correlations at a push of the button - here: All the correlations of a technology.

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Userjourney IP Manager
Martin G.


We wanted to get away from arbitrary patent filings, missing their targets, but for all that costing money. Patscore enabled us to enhance the quality of the invention disclosures significantly and to transfer them continuously into powerful patents.

Userjourney Entwicklung
Julian Z.


„to be honest, I am a developer for 20 years now, not an intellectual property specialist. Before Patscore, we have delivered invention disclosures we supposed to be the right ones. Today, we really understand what is needed”

Userjourney Projektmanagement
Sabine L.

Product Manager

“For sales aspects, we never had the property rights on our radar. Patscore shows us exactly which USP’s of our products are protected. We use it to go into price negotiations with confidence.”

Userjourney Unternehmensfuehrung
Sebastian Q.


“As an international acting company the protection of our products for us is very important. Patscore enables us to see directly which measures would have which effect and where to turn the screws. This is the first time, we are possessing a measure system, that all involved parties likewise use and understand”

Patscore - The Delivieries

Patscore delivers Transparency
Which products, technologies, property rights and turnovers does your company own?

 which correlations exist between them:

  • in which business Units?
  • in which countries?
  • over the time?

Patscore continuously increases the IP Quality through focusing on:

  • optimization of the product protection,
  • comparison with the competitors,
  • measuring the effects on the USP.

Patscore makes IP Management effective through suggestion systems for:

  • optimization of the product protection
  • IP cost reduction
  • Enforcement
  • Licensing
  • Defense

Patscore improves the collaboration between inventor – IP department – patent attorney
through a common guideline that is:

  • splited up into the concerns of the specialist parties,
  • harmonizing differences in motivation and knowledge.

Patscore enables the systematic design of the IP Portfolio through appropriate measurement categories, systemized in:

  • a hierarchical key performance indicator system,
  • an early-warning system,
  • scenario models.

Patscore is your partner in IP Management through elaborated support:

  • by experienced IP consultants,
  • when you need it – on the fly,
  • how you need it – on demand.

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