Frequently asked Questions

How does the price structure of Patscore looks like?

Patscore is offered as software as a service (SaaS) or in other words - you rent it. The scale basis are implemented business units with an additional size grading by number of users. By this, you are able to implement Patscore step by step, business unit by business unit.

Which cost-benefit ratio Patscore provides?

Patscore secures effectiveness and efficiency in the product protection and in the inter-departmental collaboration processes involved. Those benefits are in a category always difficult to measure, but there are two effects easy to grasp:

  • Patscore identifies property rights with low impact for the product protection (e.g. little effect against competitors, phased out products, decreasing turnovers, etc.)
  • Patscore prevents from insufficient or “wrong” patent filings (e.g. property rights not bothering the competitors, property rights infringement detection will be impossible, etc.).

The cost-benefit ratio of Patscore is turning positive already when one patent family per year is eliminated and one insufficient filing is prevented.

Which return on investment (ROI) is possible with Patscore?

By implementing Patscore normally the one-time cost reduction effects are remarkable. They are produced by the identification of insufficient property rights and their abandoning. Abandoning is set into action by stopping the payment of the patent fees, coming along once a year. Though, the expenditures for the implementation are payed back within a year with five identified and abandoned patent families.