Frequently asked Questions

How much effort creates the implementation?

Patscore is designed for lowest effort. This is achieved by using as little data as possible and by using already existing data sources. Mainly, Patscore needs information about the products and their features, the property rights, the technologies, and the turnovers. This is all information already existing in a Company - at least in the heads. In preparation of the implementation the Patscore specialists will analyze the available data togehter with you and organize the import paths – always in consideration of high data quality and lowest effort for the internal data suppliers. Normally this is done within 3 weeks.

Which specialist departments are involved in the implementation?

Apart from the accounting (for the turnover figures) only the future beneficiaries of Patscore are involved. They are the IP Management Department, the R&D Department and the Product Management. Which groups of persons in detail are necessary, will be adjusted between you and the implementation team in the preparation phase – under the priority: as little effort as possible. Normally, the adjustments for the company and the business units are discussed within 1 – 2 hours with each group of persons.