Frequently asked Questions

Do we have to change anything in our existing software solutions?

No, because Patscore is taking the needed data from your existing software solutions via the export functions the tools are offering. You can do this automatically or by data injections operated by our support team. 

We do have an elaborated IP strategy. How does it work together with Patscore?

Patscore is pursuing a value oriented and costumer benefit focused basic approach. As long as your IP strategy is not completely in contrast to this approach, Patscore delivers exactly the information you need to manage the realization of your strategy. In 90% of the cases exactly this happens. We recommend to arrange an appointment with our IP management consultants to clarify this – unfortunately this question overstrains the framework of FAQ’s.

How ensures Patscore data security?

We consider the data Patscore is using, as the information it is delivering as extremely sensitive. For this reason Patscore is operated only behind your fire wall. Patscore is integrated as a virtual server into your IT environment and is subject to the security rules of your company. The data import as well, is only proceeded behind your fire wall.

What kind of support can we expect from Patscore?

We believe in: “a software tool is just as good, as one knows how to use it”. For this reason 1rd level support plays a big role for us. Experienced IP managers assist you in all questions of usage, also after the training whenever you need it.

We are acting in a very special field of technology, associated with a very special wording. How flexible is Patscore in regard to this?

The concept of Patscore is to integrate value oriented IP management into your daily business. For this reason Patscore is adapting your wording and your familiar structure as well as your corporate identity without any problem.

How far is Patscore usable for innovation management?

Patscore is made to optimize the protection of the product portfolio and its inventions. It presumes an existing pipeline of inventions and is not taking active influence. As a management tool, Patscore is thinking in the same time horizons as the corporation controlling system. This causes, for development projects reaching far into the future, the basis of data will not meet the requirements. But the experience shows that, by practicing the value oriented approach of Patscore in daily IP Management, a fundamental change of thinking takes place and is transferred into those innovation projects.

How far is Patscore taking in consideration competitor property rights?

For competitor property rights a separate patscore module is in the planning phase. This module will be designed to interact with your existing retrieval solutions and will deliver world’s first solution to compare competitor rights and yours with the same set of assessment criteria. Planed realization 2018. If you are interested in being part of the design process – contact us!

We do have KPI's. Is Patscore able to take them over?

The basic approach of Patscore is value and quality oriented with the target to prevent imitation by competitors. If your system is following the same approach and gets along with six evaluation parameters, it will work out.

If you want to introduce the value and quality oriented approach the first time, we recomend to use the Patscore KPI's, because a lot of knowhow went into the evaluation parameters and experience shows that new definitions of known terms are very hard to understand.

Is it possible to create additional reports?

Yes, indeed. With the existing information the field of additional statements is broad. But to stay in proper terms of value focused IP Management and within the abilities of Patscore, we reserve to create the reports by us. Simply tell us what statement you want to have, and we create the report.

What is about trademarks and design patents?

The overall concept of Patscore is enabeling aswell the management of trademarks and design patents. But this is due to additional moduls that are still in development and will be presented in the future.